Love Meditation

Our Earth and humanity are in need of LOVE more than ever. LOVE brings light to the darkness. It gives us hope in the future, in ourselves and in each other.

Kendall Jenner plays the “Cosmic Goddess” in LOVE MEDITATION. She acts as a symbol of the divine feminine consciousness— that all women have inherent within them. At one time, within most cultures, women were revered, respected and celebrated for their intuition, wisdom and grace. Our influence was great. It is now time for a re-awakening of feminine power, for women to lead the way forward.

In order to spread and give LOVE to others and to our planet, we need to collectively pause, breathe and acknowledge our conflicting emotions. LOVE MEDITATION acts as a visual and sonic chakra-balancing; offering a moment of stillness in a chaotic time.

The soundtrack features a gong meditation used to stimulate deep healing and foster a sense of peace. LOVE MEDITATION revels in divine femininity as the new world order, suggesting that in order to evolve, we open our hearts and allow more light and LOVE in.